Truckee River Flood Project moves forward |

Truckee River Flood Project moves forward

The Truckee River Flood management Authority's Truckee River Flood Project is continuing to move forward with the signing of Assembly Bill No. 375 on June 12. In accordance with the bill, the governing body of the flood management authority may create a Flood Control Project Needs Committee (FCPNC) to recommend the imposition of one or more taxes, fees, rates or charges to fund the construction of an approved flood control project. The committee will be comprised of representatives from various private and public entities.

The Flood Project is intended to protect the Truckee Meadows region from a 100-year major flood event. The 100-year plan will help avoid the life-threatening and economic impacts that a major flood event could cause in the future, and is intended to benefit the community as a top regional priority.
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