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About Us

The Northern Nevada Business Weekly is about serious business news – news that can make you more money, make your company more successful and bring you greater fulfillment in your career. It is read by the smart money in town, the people who know that reliable, in-depth, timely information is the first step toward good decisions.

The Northern Nevada Business Weekly isn’t just about information – although its readers find it packed with information they can use today. It’s about knowledge. It’s about understanding how things work today – and how they’ll work tomorrow. It’s a weekly newspaper for a community of like-minded people. It’s for people who believe in working hard, people who believe in the free-enterprise system, people who believe in making a better life for themselves at the same time that they build a better community.

And even though the Northern Nevada Business Weekly is about serious business, its pages sparkle with fun and bubble with the sheer exuberance of doing business in a great place.


We serve our community with compelling and essential business information.


Our vision is to be consistently growing and profitable.

We do so by being the #1 source for essential and compelling business information in Northern Nevada.


We are scrupulously honest in our relationships with readers, advertisers, vendors and one another.

We recognize that we work too hard not to find ways to have fun in our day.

We believe we hold a position of trust within our community, and we rise to expectations that our community has for us.


We are passionate about building a business organization that emphasizes respect, opportunities for continued personal growth, and the desire for excellence among all who work here.

We are passionate about doing our jobs with excellence every day.


We produce business-focused information and entertainment.

As we produce a quality editorial product, we build readership and paid circulation.

We provide quality advertising opportunities to those who wish to deliver messages to our readers.