Column: Your chance to question Carson mayor candidates

(This column ties into a community TV talk show, Another Point of View, which will be telecast live tonight on Public Access Television, Channel 10 in Carson City at 8 p.m.)

My guests tonight are Mayor Ray Masayko and the man who would like his job, former Carson City Supervisor Tom Tatro. We're looking forward to a lively discussion on the issues that interest you the most.

Usually during the political season I only interview one candidate at a time; however, we're only doing the show every two weeks so we need to pair up to get the most out of the least amount of time. It's more interesting when you participate with your questions and comments by sharing another point of view.

You can do that tonight in several different ways. My e-mail address is which will be available until 6 p.m. before the show. From 8-9 p.m., you can call the station during the show and either talk to the candidates personally or give your message to our talented sound technician who will be named on our credit screen after the show is over - if all the equipment works.

If nobody has questions or comments, then the three of us will participate in a rousing game of checkers and discuss the weather!

Well, maybe we can cover a few topics such as the freeway. Should the Nevada Appeal apologize to NDOT for hammering them about possibly giving the I-580 priority over Carson City's long-awaited, much taxed freeway status or should we send a big fat thank you note to Jeff Ackerman for letting NDOT know, in his inimitable way, that we've had it with the waiting game?

What about the bike paths by the freeway? I don't quite understand why anyone would want to ride their bikes along a freeway and listen to the ear-blasting noise from zooming cars while breathing in the noxious fumes from the liquid gold those things consume and emit. Maybe my guests can explain why the bike path proponents are so excited about it.

Now if they were proposing building bike paths along Kings Canyon, Ash Canyon, Lakeview and those scenic stretches, that would be worth cheering. Those areas get downright crowded and dangerous with the bikers, hikers, runners, joggers and dogs that are walking their owners. In between this crowd the cars and trucks try to pass safely - a great challenge to all!

The mayor of Carson City wears a lot of hats in different organizations as a part of his mayoral duties. The TRIAD Council is one among the many. I was curious as to what it was all about. It consists of the Sheriff's Office, Fire Department and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).

TRIAD was started in Carson City a couple of years ago and coordinates various things for senior citizens. They have a "File of Life" which is a magnetic device that seniors place on their refrigerators. It contains pertinent information such as medication, health sensitivities, etc. that can be used by paramedics in case of an emergency. Sounds like a great service, and most of it is funded by donations.

The city-owned Eagle Valley Golf Course is struggling with finances. If the management that's running it wants to raise the rates more than 10 percent or eliminate significant fee structures such as season passes, they need the approval of the city board of supervisors. Carson City still owns the course, but if the company managing it can't make the payments, guess who picks up the tab? Any golfers out there who want to comment on this tonight?

Please do join us at 8 p.m. on Channel 10 and get to know the mayoral candidates a little bit better. The phone number for the show is 882-2839. Give us a call and share your thoughts from Another Point of View.


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