Letter: Simons the choice for Assembly race

I am a Republican who votes for Republicans because of the issues that the party believes in. Some Republicans like to show that they vote for the person and not the arty. I am voting for Jeanne Simons for the Assembly because she supports the Republican Party issues.

Jeanne Simons supports the family and family issues. She supports the Definition of Marriage issue defining a marriage as between "one man and one woman". At the League of Woman Voters forum, Bonnie Parnell would not answer the question. The Democrat Party opposes the Definition of Marriage issue on

the November ballot.

Jeanne Simons supports charter schools and will do what is necessary to ensure that children are properly educated to succeed. Bonnie voted for a bill to give teachers tenure as soon as they were hired! How would you know if a new teacher was good or not if they do not have a period in which to prove themselves?

It is said that Bonnie Parnell votes as a Republican at times. Since the Democrats have 27 votes and only need 21 to pass their agenda, she is free to vote to show she is independent. She is only needed in case of an over-ride of the governor's veto and for reapportionment. If the Assembly was 20/20, we would see a much different Bonnie Parnell.

Vote for Jeanne Simons. She will represent all the families of Carson City.


Carson City


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