Senior focus

Name: Joyce Zoellner

City of Residence: Fernley

How long have you lived there? One and one-half years

Where did you live before moving to your present home? Derby Dam area

How long have you been a volunteer at the present location? Three and one-half years

How long have you been a volunteer overall? Three and one-half years

Specific job duties: Formerly assistant cook (retired), have worked in the gift shop one and one-half years, helped husband in the thrift shop, coordinator of Angel Program and assist husband with the newspaper column.

How much time do you volunteer per week? About 10 hours

Why and how did you become a volunteer? I have worked all my life and feel the need to keep busy.

Favorite thing about volunteering: The seniors have so many lovely stories to tell and are full of love. This is what I enjoy.

Family: Husband Robert and seven grown and married children.

If retired, former profession: I worked 19 and one-half years at Western Union.

What would you tell others to encourage them to become a volunteer? Keep your mind busy and your heart pumping by helping others. It is so rewarding.


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