Seniors on the move: Doris Barrett

Name: Doris Barrett

City of Residence: Minden

How long have you lived there? Nine months

Where did you live before moving to your present home? South Lake Tahoe

How long have you been a volunteer at the present location? Five months

How long have you been a volunteer overall? 16 years

Specific job duties: Help set up dining room tables with plates, utensils, extras; serve soup; serve the lunch plates; clean up the dining room, and work the phones on the front desk.

How much time do you volunteer per week? Ten to 15 hours

Why and how did you become a volunteer? I came to the senior center for the twice weekly ceramic classes. There was a need for volunteers and a need in me to become involved and help in any way I could.

Favorite thing about volunteering: Meeting and talking to the seniors. They've had such interesting lives and there's so much we can learn from them. Our seniors fill me with happiness and joy.

Family: Daughter and son-in-law, Yvette and Robert Krasnicka, and two granddaughters - Jaqueline and Britta.

If retired, former profession: Accountant

What would you tell others to encourage them to become a volunteer? If you like to help people and want a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity, become a volunteer. You will be richly rewarded and have a real "high" at the end of the day, and you meet and make wonderful friends. It's a great way to fill in free time or lonely hours.


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