Citizens should be able to vote on new city charter

I'm curious. Is Carson City a city or a county? If we are a city, how come we don't have councilmen nor women? If we are a county, how come we don't have commissioners and follow the same voting requirements as the other counties?

What I am driving at is we have a city Charter Review Committee suggesting changes to the charter as to how we vote for city supervisors. This committee, composed of non-elected individuals and appointed by the board of supervisors, make their recommendations to the board, who may accept, reject or modify their recommendations, add their own druthers and forward them to the state legislature for their approval.

Wait a minute! If we are a city with a population of 62,000 or more, how is it we don't have a vote? We don't. All of us voters have been disenfranchised. But that is not the case with the Nevada State Constitution. Everybody gets to vote on changes to that document. So why don't we get to vote on changes to our city charter? An interesting question.

If you want your right to vote restored, don't drive by city hall and honk your horn in disgust. Contact the following members of the State Legislature and let them know you want this injustice corrected:Senator Ann O'Connell, Government Affairs; Assemblyman Douglas A. Bache, Government Affairs and Assemblywoman Chris Giunchigliani, Elections.

Tell them that under the existing and previous city administrations, you have been denied the right to vote on any amendments to the Carson City Charter. To obtain the current address and phone numbers of the above members call the legislative hotline at 687-5545.

You might also want to contact Assemblywoman Bonnie Parnell at 885-2992. She recently advertised, "The only way to make this a 'True Government of the People' is to get more people involved."

I'm not one to go around and tell you I told you so, but I did tell you, didn't I? What did I tell you! I told you that in Carson City we have a Government of Some People, By Some People and For Some People. We need to change that. With your help, we will.


Carson City


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