Column: Personal training

For those of you who wish anonymity or don't want your fat to be seen in public, there is the private workout. Just you and your trainer for whatever goal you choose.

There are all types of exercise students, some require the energy expended in a packed classroom to really work up a sweat. Some students like quiet, small groups so they can talk while they sweat. Then there are the students who need the competition of a team sport to drive them on or the fitness students who like private lessons.

When exercise videos first came out, everyone bought one. The variety was endless. However, somewhere in my documentation is the statistic that at least 90 percent of the people who buy exercise videos only watch them - thus, the need for the instructor to actually be there in the living room to encourage you in your quest for sweat.

A "one on one" basis for exercise may also give you the most for your time and money. Solid concentration on movement perfection and continuous encouragement can give you a good hard workout within the shortest time. It can also give you the greatest variety.

Fitness "burnout" is common with all ages. We all get tired of the same thing. Those of you with iron will and permanent structure to your lives won't be affected with burnout. Goals change. You might wish to lose inches today, but a year from now you may wish for more strength or endurance. That's where a personal fitness trainer can give you the exact formula for your need.

Several factors need to be considered before you start a personal training home exercise program. What are your goals? Do you have time for three sessions per week since that is the minimum for achievement? Actual workout space is probably the most needed item. Then air circulation is important. Working out without the ability to open a door or turn on the air conditioning can be unpleasant or even unhealthy. Quiet and solitude for concentration for one hour or better are great but not always necessary. Most of the students I train are so used to the daily activities within a home that they seldom break concentration.

It can be very gratifying for a personal fitness instructor to watch the progress of a beginning student and to be there for the successful results. Whatever your goals are, if you decide on private fitness instruction or as it is now called, personal training, you will achieve the same goals as the student in class or even the sports student and often within a shorter time frame.

Jerry Vance is certified by the American Council on Exercise and teaches fitness at the Carson City Community Center and for the American Lung Association.


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