Community seems intent on self destruction

Although a native of Nevada, I have lived in the Dayton area for a little over a year and a half. I have a little business of my own established on Main Street. To my dismay, I have been witness to a situation in Dayton that grows like a cancer. Instead of a community that works together and tries to establish itself as the special area that it is, this community seems intent on self destruction.

In my observations of Dayton, I have seen the business and the populace do anything and everything to discredit or discount the legitimacy of neighbor and fellow businesses alike. It does not seem to take much to establish any or all rumors that are destructive to citizens and businesses. My puzzlement is why are these rumors and destructive statements even given validity or life? I cannot see the benefit of this or the reason why it was begun in the first place.

Dayton is a historical and wonderful little town that has possibility for protective growth and fame. All of its citizens could benefit and be proud to be a part of Nevada's history and very beginnings. Dayton is unique into itself. We have such wonderful restaurants, each sporting a style of its own and offering different cuisine and ethnicity.

Not many townships of Dayton's size could offer such wonderful choices of eating establishments or culinary treats. The few shops that adorn the streets are interesting in their own rights. I personally would like to see them all grow and multiply. Each of these is different and offers a distinct array of choices.

The bickering between neighbors and businesses has done nothing more than to diminish the area which has so much potential. The residents with the established history in this original settlement have vast amounts of knowledge to share with us all. The good people who spend their time and themselves to protect and restore Dayton to its rightful self just to be met by, "He said, she said," garbage about each other. Almost like the gossip mongers have nothing more to do with their lives than to concern themselves with who did what and when and how can they cause some difficulty for their fellow beings.

Enough already! Let us all work together. Please! Let us embellish our differences and laud them far and wide. We have so much positive going for us. We cannot let the negatives rule our very existence. No one has the right to be judge and jury of anyone for any reason. Communicate with one another and set this cloud of mistrust and trouble-making to rest once and for all. We do not have to agree with each other nor always see the other's point of view, but it is time to respect that and give our fellow humans the right to disagree with us.

I'm proud to be a Nevadan and want the rest of us to feel that. The old cowboy mentality of, "Don't mess with me, but can I help you," needs to be alive and well in Dayton again. SAMI LEA CARLTON, Dayton


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