Costs limit the options for Indian Hills board

This is in response to letters to the editors of the Nevada Appeal and the Record Courier over the past few weeks regarding the proposed community center/office complex in Indian Hills.

"Options" are what have to be considered for building a community center/office complex. Those options are what account for the delay in spending $1.5 million of taxpayers' money. Indian Hills General Improvement District is currently in the process of spending $1.6 million to fund an upgrade to our existing sewer treatment facility. As the district stands right now, there is a shortfall of $400,000. We are looking at the reality of of having to find funding for that shortfall, and some of those options could fall directly into the pocketbooks of the residents of this community.

Rate increases have been recommended in a draft report by paid professional consultants as one of our only options. Those recommendations are related to the sewer upgrade and those funding problems that we face right now. This is the reality! The community center/office complex is a whole separate funding issue.

The funding of the community center/office complex is not a "seniors" issue, but a financial challenge that will affect "all" the residents of Indian Hills and should be one that remains in the realm of reason and accountability, not special interests. Shame on you for trying to represent my concerns are a "scare tactic" to our seniors.

My concerns are based on the facts. The residents should find out for themselves just what those costs are; I'm still trying to get a straight answer! Reality tends to narrow the options considerably. I am not trying to scare anyone, just make an informed and justifiable decision that all the residents and taxpayers of Indian Hills can afford.


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