Former city supervisor runs for mayor

Former Carson City supervisor Tom Tatro on Monday joined three other candidates in the race for Carson City mayor.

Tatro waited in the Clerk-Recorder's Office until 5 p.m., nervously pacing around the office with brother, John Tatro, who is running unopposed for Department 2 Justice of the Peace. Both were waiting to see who else would file for one of the 12 open elected offices in Carson City in the final minutes of the filing period.

"I can't stand it," John Tatro muttered several times before the clock struck 5.

The Clerk-Recorders Office was a hotbed of activity Monday as potential candidates came out of the woodwork for several city positions.

Joining Tatro in the mayor's race were Tom Keeton and Neil Weaver, all of whom filed for the city's top position against incumbent Mayor Ray Masayko.

In 1998, Tatro left his position as Ward 3 supervisor after nine years on the board. He said he's been paying attention to what's been going on, and a year and a half later, he isn't "100 percent satisfied with what I've seen.

"During the time I was on the board, everything was just popping," Tatro said. "I've been watching what's happening. A lot of hard work went into making this one of the best-run city governments anywhere.

"The momentum doesn't seem to be there anymore. We don't need to go back to the way things were. The city needs to evolve and try some new things. There are a million ways to improve. I still fell a sense of attachment and responsibility to the city."

Tatro, a 27-year Carson resident, is fiscal manager for the Department of Motor Vehicles. He said if elected, he plans on keeping his state job.

"I've done this before, and it's a balance I've been able to achieve," Tatro said. "It takes a lot of time, but I know how much you can pack into a day if you schedule yourself. I think I have a lot of support. I wouldn't run if I didn't think I could win."

Retiree Tom Keeton decided over the weekend to join the mayor's race. A former advertising manager for Lockheed Corp., Keeton retired to Carson City in 1997.

Keeton said he's had a lifetime in management and advertising and has a good background in motivating people.

"The city has very bright, excellent employees that just need someone to lead and motivate them," Keeton said. "I think we can move a lot faster on some of the things that will make Carson City a better place. I think we can be more efficient. We can grow well, or badly. If we grow well, it will be good for everyone. We're a city at the dividing point. We can end up a little 50,000-person cow town, or we can become a much more livable city."

Attempts to reach Weaver were unsuccessful. The owner of Weaver Aircraft ran for supervisor in 1998 for the seat vacated by Tatro and was defeated by Pete Livermore.

The race for city supervisor in Ward 2 was left to incumbent Jon Plank. The race for Ward 4 supervisors, however, attracted three candidates.

Former planning commission chairman Verne Horton, attorney/developer Richard Staub and Frank Sharp filed for the seat being vacated by long-time Supervisor Kay Bennett.

Robey Willis, justice of the peace for Department 1, will be challenged by Ron Weddell and William Kreider.

Weddell said he decided to run because "I don't think Robey Willis is a good judge and I think Carson City deserves better.

"I watched how he treated me and and other folks, and they get screwed. The law is my hobby and I feel I know the law far better than Robey Willis. I want to give Carson City a fair shake."

In response to Weddell's filing, Willis said "I would just say let the best man win.

"I am just glad to live in a country where anyone has the right to voice their opinion and vote for whom they want."

Justice of the Peace John Tatro said he is relieved his seat went uncontested. He said will donate the money he's raised for his campaign to the Carson City Rotary Club and the Boys and Girls Club.

"I love the job, and I feel I understand the system," he said. "I can focus on the work rather than on campaigning."

One race will take place for the Carson City School Board, and none for the Carson-Tahoe Hospital Board of Trustees.

Doug Ponn replaced former school board trustee Julie Butler in March. Ponn filed for election to the District 2 seat last week and is being challenged by Loretta Evenson. JoAnna Wilson filed for school board trustee for District 7, a seat being vacated by Gary Ailes. Incumbent John McKenna, school board trustee for District 5, also filed for reelection.

Carson-Tahoe Hospital Board of Trustee Chairman Tom Metcalf and incumbent trustees Caleb Mills, District 3 and Basil Chryssos, District 2, are all running unopposed.

Carson City candidates who filed for election to local offices:


Tom Keeton

Ray Masayko (i)

Tom Tatro

Neil A. Weaver

Supervisor, Ward 2

Jon Plank (i)

Supervisor, Ward 4

Verne Horton

Frank Sharp

Richard S. Stuab

Justice of the Peace, Dept. 1

Ron Weddell

Robey Willis (i)

William B. Kreider

Justice of the Peace, Dept. 2

John Tatro (i)

Hospital Trustee, District 2

Basil Chryssos (i)

Hospital Trustee, District 3

Tom Metcalf

Hospital Trustee, District 4

Caleb Mills

School Trustee, District 2

Doug Ponn (i)

Loretta Evenson

School Trustee, District 5

John McKenna (i)

School Trustee, District 7

JoAnna Wilson

(i) incumbent

What's next:

Aug. 6 - Last day to register for primary

Aug. 19 - First day for early voting


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