Galena High School's withdraws from the Northern 4A Zone Baseball tournament.

Today, Galena High School is withdrawing from the Northern 4A League Baseball Tournament. This decision is mine. As the principal of Galena High School, I want it to be made perfectly clear and widely understood that this decision is not based on pressure or a decision by the courts or the Washoe County School District. This decision comes after a very long couple of days and many sleepless nights, in which I have received and reviewed a great deal of information and facts surrounding this whole ordeal.

Galena High School continues to have an outstanding baseball program, in which many innocent players will be affected by this decision. Unfortunately, when a team plays an ineligible player during a game and the team forfeits that game, the entire team is penalized for that action. Therefore, when making the decision to withdraw from the tournament, strong consideration was given to the many fine players who will be affected by this decision. They are excellent athletes and fine young players who have bright futures and careers ahead.

However, this decision is the right, fair and honest thing to do that will hopefully allow the other teams in the conference to move forward and get the tournament underway in not causing any further delays or cancellation of the tournament. Unfortunately, many lives and people have been affected by this entire situation.

The integrity of the rules and the integrity of the sport of high school baseball are far too important to allow this situation to continue any further down the legal maneuvering, court actions and appeals.

We wish every team that continues to play and will be allowed to play in this tournament a great deal of success, and we apologize for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused them.


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