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Golf is made difficult by the fact that we are always trying to make several different motions occur during a very short time. To be a consistent golfer, we must narrow it down and train the necessary movements to happen instinctively.

A good approach to the swing is trying to rotate the upper body over a stable lower body. As the shoulders and chest rotate, the lower body simply responds. It does not initiate any of the movement.

As with the rotation of the upper body, the hands and arms must have an uninhibited, synchronized swing back and through in conjunction with the turning of the body. This is a motion that cannot be manipulated.

If we were able to swing the hands and arms as we wanted by simply trying to make it happen, golf would be an easy game. This is where the difficulty of the game lies. We must train the hands and arms to make a cohesive swinging motion with the turning of the body.

This motion is only achieved through training and repetition. To train the hands and arms to swing correctly, it is wise to start with the finish position, the reason being that the position the hands and arms finish in is a reflection of the motion through impact.

A controlled and balanced finish position indicates that the entire swing was controlled and balanced.

A simple checklist for a good finish position is as follows:

- The hands should be alongside the head and not above it. An easy visual aid is that you could easily put your left thumb in your left ear.

- The elbows should be about the same width apart at the finish as they were at the start of the swing.

- The triceps are level to the ground.

- The right arm is across the body, meaning that you are looking to your target over the right biceps. The left elbow is even with the left shoulder.

This is certainly too much information to attempt in the time it takes to swing the club. A very effective practice exercise to develop this motion is to stand up straight and raise your left hand to a point alongside your head, as through in salute. Now turn the body to face the target and reach the right hand over to clasp the left wrist. After developing a feel for this position, hold the left wrist at the start position and swing through to the finish. A good thought for the golf course is to use the finish position as a checkpoint.

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