Leave the pond water for the birds

With all of the construction on East College Parkway, there isn't much natural beauty left anywhere in sight. But to those of us who commute daily through all of the Parkway mayhem, there is one glowing exception.

If you look just east of the new freeway right-of-way on the north side of College Parkway, there is this beautiful little pond. It probably started out as no more than a runoff retention pond. But now, ducks, geese, quail and a host of other small critters all make this their home. It's beautiful! It would cost a lot of taxpayers' dollars to produce something this nice for us to enjoy.

So what's happening to this wonderful little sanctuary? The freeway construction crews are pumping it dry to use in their water trucks! Meanwhile, just up the street, for months the city has allowed thousands of gallons of precious water to be pumped into the sewer system by the same crews.

Maybe I'm just a dumb taxpayer, but why don't they leave the pond alone and pump the water they are wasting into the trucks instead?


Carson City


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