Letter: Basing graduation on one test isn't fair

I just read an article about 22 children who can not graduate because of a proficiency test. Some are special ed students and some have English as their second language, and still there could be kids that just didn't want to try, but to tell a child 15 days before graduation he/she is not going get their diploma, is sad, just because the county could not get the test results earlier, these kids have to suffer waiting for an answer as well as their families.

I'm just curious ... Did the children go to school for 12 years, did they take mid-terms, finals, turn in there homework? Unless these children have not done any of the above why are you going to punish them for ONE test, on the (which should be) biggest day of their young lives, I hope Carson High School reconsiders their decision about allowing these young men and women to graduate with their class ... It may make an incredible difference in their future!




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