Letter: Forest division should be protecting land

In reference to the Nevada Appeal article, "Forest service workers, stop the damage."

The Nevada Division of Forestry workers toured a site in Kings Canyon where off-road motorcyclists have damaged a tract of land by using it as a jump course.

At 885 Eastlake Boulevard, Washoe Valley, the Nevada Division of Forestry has turned parts of the Scripps Wildlife Management Area into junk vehicle storage and a heavy equipment repair center. The Nevada Division of Forestry has done a whole lot more to this open space than making a couple of tracks in the sand.

I find it extremely hypocritical of the NDF to bash teenagers while they themselves are much worse.

Also, does it not seem ludicrous the federal government is buying 10,000 acres of private land adjacent to the Scripps Wildlife Area on the west side of Washoe Valley for preservation of open spaces? At the same time, the Nevada Division of Forestry is trashing open spaces within the wild life management area itself, less than one mile to the east of the federal buy-out.

Your government at work.


Washoe Valley


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