Letter: gun control

In his state of the union speech our soon to be disbarred President made a proposal to require that all handgun purchasers be licensed with a photo ID proving the completion of a "safety course." The thought occurred to me, why stop there, Comrade Clinton? Why not a general "Bill of Rights License?" After all, do we not have "hate (thought) crime" laws already? Shouldn't government "educate then license" its citizens to be sure they are speaking/thinking correctly?

No, clearly such proposals stem from the desire to rule rather than government being subservient to the governed. The Clinton/Gore proposal ignores the fact that our rights pre-exist the establishment of government as they are given to us by our Creator. As government has not granted them, government cannot take them away. Such a licensing scheme is little more than a back door attempt at full firearms registration and eventual confiscation.

Can't happen? Paranoid? Hardly! It has already occurred in Canada, England and Australia. to name a few - with a corresponding increase in crime. The registration/confiscation duality has also happened in the United States so far namely in New York and California.

For Clinton to have shamelessly exploited a Columbine parent to further his anti-rights agenda is deplorable. His proposals would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy. As an aside, considering the large number of bombs found at Columbine High School, I have yet to hear calls for stiffer "bomb control laws." Could it be that because legislative solutions against determined criminal behavior hold little value?

I urge citizens to oppose the Clinton/Gore licensing scheme as the infrastructure required to carry it out is an eventual threat to all of our liberties.


Carson City


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