Letter: NRA does more for safety than a march

We just had the Million Mother Walk in Washington, D.C. Who organized this march? A housewife who is a part-time PR consultant? Donna Dees-Thomases is a sister-in-law to Susan Thomases, who worked for Hillary Clinton. Susan was involved in the Vince Foster escapade.

The NRA wants the government to enforce the laws now on the books. They want crime and criminal control.

The NRA Foundation does more for gun safety than a planned march to advance the political causes of H. Clinton and A. Gore. They teach gun safety to children. The foundation also has a program for women taught by women called "Don't Be A Victim" to help women protect themselves. The foundation has also purchased body armor for some police departments who could not afford them. Money is also provided as grants to Scouting and 4H clubs. Half of the money stays in the local area.

This money is raised by Friends of NRA. We are having a dinner in Reno at the Peppermill on July 22. We are also holding raffles and will have auctions at the dinner. If you want to aid the Friends to raised money for these need causes, please call 720-0367 for dinner tickets or raffle tickets.


Carson City


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