Letter: Story behind scenes at Yucca Mountain

While the Senate didn't come up with enough votes to override the President's veto on the interim storage legislation, the story behind the scenes is interesting.

One senator missed the vote and was considered a supporter of the legislation and Senator Lott voted against so he could bring it up later this session. Now that is not good news for Nevada.

Some might say I'm an optimist. I consider myself more of a realist. Reality shows me that Yucca Mountain is the only site being studied and billions of dollars have been invested in the repository program.

While opposing interim storage, President Clinton has funded the Department of Energy's study of Yucca Mountain as a permanent repository, and the "viability assessment" which was a study released late last year said the site was a promising one for a permanent repository.

My background is in the building trades. The main contract for the Yucca Mountain project is up for bid, and it has a heavy emphasis on construction and licensing of a repository. All the science gathered to date indicates the site will be found suitable. You figure it out. It's clear to any reasonable observer that Yucca Mountain is a done deal.

What's unfortunate is that our leaders have not done much, if anything, to protect us like securing support for the safest transportation routes and getting funding for emergency management programs throughout the state.

We're the only game in town regarding this national environmental challenge. I just wonder where's the equity in the equation and who's looking out for Nevada?


Las Vegas


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