Letter: Who were original inhabitants of land?

Pan Lambert wrote a hypocritical letter May 13 in the Reno paper regarding Native Americans in which he/she wrote, "I think it should be unconstitutional for any foreign sovereign power to purchase property in the U.S." I can't believe he/she said that. Indians were the original residents of this country and we stole their land - over and over again.

In 1830, Congress enacted the Indian Removal Act which allowed southern land developers to pilfer fertile Indian land. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall ruled this to be unconstitutional. President Andrew Jackson defied that Supreme Court ruling by instituting the infamous Trail of Tears in which 60,000 members of five southeastern tribes were driven off their land and forced to march to Oklahoma resulting in the deaths of 4,000 Native Americans.

Are you perhaps related to Andrew Jackson, Pan?


Carson City


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