License fee increase pointless money grab

Addressed to Mark Amodei:

As Carson City's representative in the last session of the legislature, perhaps you are aware that the State Contractor's Board has once again raised its fees due to the actions of that same legislature.

The State Contractors Board has nothing to do with the state; the state has merely granted it the authority to raise the cost of doing legitimate business by more regulation. A very good example of working for, or because of, government and increasing taxes without saying so.

I became an E1 contractor sometime in mid '92 because of what I consider a collusive relationship between governments in Nevada to create more government in the name of public safety.

While contractors for hire may need some regulating, E1s do not. E1 contractors cannot hire out or work for anyone but themselves and then only on their own property.

If the state was the least bit interested in public safety at all, it would be killing murderers, child molesters, drunk drivers, etc. instead of profiting from them through taxes, requirements and the legal profession.

My license fee has increased 100 percent in eight years.

In 1994, the NSCB was allowed to collect a $50 fee to manage cash bonds; a task that any private sector bank would do for nothing and pay interest for the privilege. That fee has increased 100 percent in two years.

The bonding of the E1 category is useless. Who are E1s bonding themselves against?

Comes now the '99 session granting this unelected non-state agency another money grab in the form of a recovery fund which they claim that, if I work on my own residential property, I must pay a fee. I am an E1; would I sue myself for bad performance?

In trying to discuss this with NSCB, they claim to have no answer to my questions, and I am referred to Nevada's three-word unwritten law that enjoys precedence over all other laws, "NRS: Hire An Attorney." I have no intention of doing so or allowing my properties to deteriorate because of that decision.

I also have no intention of paying a tribute of $500 to do what I am constitutionally entitled to do anyhow.

Granted, "We, the people" screwed ourselves by electing to shorten the sessions to 120 days every two years. I realized this early on when trying to get a bill draft request for the coming session. We, the public, no longer have much say in our government and public input at public meetings can be ignored by unelected bureaucrats. Are the unelected also so limited?

Even if this were addressed in the coming session, my license will have passed reinstatement, and I will have to wait over two years to get my cash bond back while NSCB waits to see if I am to file a claim against myself.

The Supreme Court will not rule on property rights but it does guarantee certain fundamental rights.

I would like to be be clearly understood that I have avoided the "dumbing down" of America by those wishing to do so and am sick and tired of being lied to, cheated, stolen from, blackmailed, overtaxed, over regulated, enslaved, criminalized, penalized, ignored and manipulated in that process by the burgeoning unelected fourth branch of your government.

I am accumulating tea bags and loading my musket.


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