Man pleads guilty to misdemeanor battery

A man arrested March 5 for grabbing the arm of a boy he had chased pleaded guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor battery.

Matthew Ivan McNee, 37, is suspected of chasing two young boys through a field near the 600 block of Roop Street. He reportedly grabbed a 10-year-old boy's arm and released him when the boy's father noticed the commotion.

The boy, who was in court Tuesday with his father, confirmed the story of the arresting officers.

McNee originally was arrested on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping, then the charge was reduced to false imprisonment March 13.

McNee, who was given a probationary sentence on March 1 for a separate domestic battery charge, will serve 45 days as a result of the guilty plea. His probation was not revoked on the other charge.

Justice of the Peace Robey Willis also sentenced him to six months of jail time suspended and 40 hours of community service.


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