May designated for Mom-O-Grams

The month of May has been designated "Mom-O-Gram" Month by The American Cancer Soviety. This program is being offered to Nevada women over 40 who are uninsured or underinsured, providing them access to low-cost mammography screenings.

Tahoe-Carson Radiology is offering screening "Mom-O-Grams" to those women over 40 who qualify for the program regardless of the date of their last mammogram. Any follow-up examinations are not covered by the program or facility.

All women who qualify are encouraged to take advantage of this offer. Special "Mom-O-Gram" gifts will be given to participants.

"Mom-O-Gram" brochures, including rules of the program and a "Mom-O-Gram" certfificate, are available at American Cancer Society offices and medical and retail establishments throughout the state of Nevada. For information or to make an appointment call 774) 888-1180.


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