Mustangs disappear from Stagecoach

We had a group of wild mustangs here in Stagecoach until the other day. They were a family with young foals that roamed around, feeding on the vegetation out there. (They got their water from a spring.) They did not do any damage. They did not hurt or even go near domestic animals. Most of us enjoyed seeing them around.

There is one man, however, who did not want them here. He rounded them up the other day; stallion, mares and foals, and put them inside his corral. They were in the corral 24 hours -no water and nothing to graze on. BLM picked them up and took them away.

These horses were in no danger in this area - no traffic, nothing that could hurt them.

The man must have "friends" at BLM, or else they wouldn't have come here and taken them away.




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