NDOT saves parking lot from 7-year-old

Thanks Nevada Department of Transportation for making sure that your empty parking lots are free of 7-year-olds trying to learn how to skate.

On Sunday, April 30, my wife and daughter went to the empty NDOT parking lot off Stewart Street so as to offer a safe traffic free area for her to learn how to roller-blade. You can imagine the crushing disappointment of a small child when an NDOT employee drove up and informed my wife that there was no skating permitted in the completely empty lot because of a "sign" posted somewhere.

Well, NDOT, thank you so much for insuring that the empty lots remain so during the weekend - I can only imagine the added wear and tear on the asphalt from a 55-pound girl trying to learn how to skate - never mind that these lots are public property!

I am so very delighted that as an agency you are so incredibly diligent in looking out for your empty parking lots!

As a citizen I shall sleep very soundly knowing that our empty weekend parking lots are free of bothersome taxpayers who might actually try to use such empty space for purposes other than parking a vehicle.

Thanks again, NDOT, for showing us the error of our ways!


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