Not everyone wants path along bypass

To Nevada Department of Transportation Jim Thorton, you had said in your article in the Nevada Appeal: Everyone, I'm sure, wants the path. Well, you're way off base on this one.

If you people really want to know how many people want this thing, put it on the ballot this November. Let the taxpayers vote on it. This money can be used for more useful things than this off-the-wall idea that just a couple of hundred people want. This Muscle Powered thing, is to my opinion, a business to sell bike equipment. No more, no less. As far as I know, I have never seen a license plate on a bicycle.

These people want our streets and our freeways and don't have one penny invested. Up until the time when they have to go to DMV and get a plate to ride on our streets and carry insurance like every motorist does, then and only then should they have anything to say!

Put this on the November ballot and let the taxpayers make the decision.




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