Privacy caucus looks at the Internet

WASHINGTON - Sen. Richard Bryan, D-Nev., and the rest of the "Congressional Privacy Caucus" have begun looking at the rights and protections people have when they are on the Internet.

"The explosive growth of the Internet has clearly revolutionized our culture but, with this new growth, come many new questions," said Bryan.

He said the committee wants to know what the Internet companies' current information sharing practices are, what privacy rights online customers have and how vulnerable consumers are to electronic fraud including identity theft. The caucus took up the issue at its second formal meeting Thursday.

Bryan authored the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and has made it clear he wants to provide people with protection when they use the Internet. He said personal information should remain the property of the consumer.

"Just because you hand a parking valet the keys to your car, it certainly doesn't entitle them to take your car for a spin without your permission," he said.


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