Q-Tip: Hike to two special lakes

This week's Q-Tip is a suggestion for trout fishermen to hike into two high-mountain lakes for some quality, early-season fishing in the State of California.

Those two lakes are Roosevelt and Lane Lakes.

If you are interested in a different type of adventure, here is all you need to know:

LOCATION: Roosevelt-Lane Lakes, which are about a three mile hike, are just off California S.R. 108 (The Sonora Pass Highway).

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive south from Carson City on U.S. 395 for 66 miles to its junction with the Sonora Pass Highway. Turn onto the Sonora Pass Highway and drive west for about six miles to the U.S. Forest Service Leavitt Meadows Campground.

NOTE: From the campground, backpacker parking area, you will need to take about a three-mile hike to reach those two, small, interconnected lakes.

Walk across the footbridge on the West Walker River, go about 400 yards and then take the right-hand fork of the trail. The hiking trail is well maintained and just follow it to the first of the two lakes (Lane Lake). Roosevelt Lake is about 100 yards further.

WHERE TO FISH: Both lake are excellent for early season cutthroat/brook trout fishing.

HOW TO FISH: From shore, a float tube or an inflatable raft.

From shore, use either orange-colored Power Bait on the bottom or spincast with various types of small lures, such as TOR-P-DO, Kastmaster, Mepps, etc.

From a float tube, fly fish with small artificial flies, such as golden olive-colored Woolly Worm, soft hackle (Carey Special), bird's nest, prince nymph or zug bug.

From a small, inflatable raft, troll with small, silver-colored flasher blades and worms.

WHAT YOU'LL CATCH: Lahontan cutthroat trout, up to 24 inches in length and Eastern brook trout, up to 18 inches.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: The limit at those two lakes is two trout.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: You must wear your California fishing license where it is readily visible above the waist.

SPECIAL NOTE: On your hike into and out of the lakes, be sure to occasionally check your clothing and body for ticks.

SPECIAL NOTE: Fishing success is best at both lakes either before the sun light hits the surface of the water in the early morning hours or very late in the afternoon, after the sun light is off the surface.

FOR INFORMATION: Call the Region No. 2 office of the California Dept. of Fish and Game at (916) 358-2935 during or Ken's Sporting Goods Store in Bridgeport at (760) 932-7707 or the Leavitt Meadows Pack Station at (760) 495-2257.


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