Questions asked 10 years ago in the time capsule

Here are the questions asked 10 years ago, followed by Robey Willis' answers (and, where he was incorrect, the correct answer):

1. Who or what organization will be occupying the old Nevada State Library building? Nevada State Commission on Tourism

2. Will the Carson City bypass have been completed? No

3. What percentage of the State of Nevada will be owned by the Federal Government? 78 percent (87.25 percent)

4a. Will there be a city transit system? Yes

4b. If so, what will it be? Bus

5. Will a dam have been constructed between Lahontan and the headwaters of the Carson River? Yes (No)

6. Will water for Carson City be imported from neighboring jurisdictions? Yes (No)

7. Will the median strips along Carson Street have been removed? Yes (No)

8. Will onstreet parking have been restored to Carson Street? No

9. What will be the cost of the local daily newspaper? 50 cents

10. What will the average advertised cash price of regular unleaded gasoline at the stations along Carson Street (self-serve island)? $1.55 ($1.66.)

11. What will it cost to mail a first-class letter? 40 cents (33 cents)

12. Will the Legislature be meeting annually (instead of biannually)? No

13a. Will gaming revenues still be Nevada's primary source of income? Yes

13b. If not, what other revenue source will have replaced gaming? n/a

14. Will a corporate income tax have been imposed? No

15. Will a state tax on personal income have been imposed? No

16. Will underground nuclear testing still be conducted in Nevada? No

17. Will man have reached the planet Mars? No

18. Will there be a Democratic or Republican President in the White House? Democrat

Bonus Question - What will the $1,000 Certificate of Deposit be worth on May 16 in the year 2000, rounded to the nearest $10? $17,160 ($1,609.11)

Tie-Breaking Question - What will the population of the City of Carson City be in the year 2000? 49,125 (54,225)


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