Reward offered for meth waste dumpers.

A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of suspected methamphetamine manufacturers responsible for dumping two drums of waste into a stream that feeds the Carson River near Morgan Mill Road.

Despite an investigation at the site of the dump, Carson City detectives were not able to create any immediate leads, said Lt. Ray Saylo.

"We tried to obtain some fingerprints, but the people that were handling the barrels were probably wearing gloves," he said. "That stuff is pretty toxic."

Saylo said an investigation into the origin of the materials might be handled by the Tri-Net narcotics task force. The agency, which includes officers from several law enforcement offices, investigates drug-related cases.

Saylo said if the culprits are found, it is up to the District Attorney's Office to decide how to charge the case based on the evidence. Nevada law prohibits illegal dumping.

The barrels, believed to contain waste materials from a methamphetamine laboratory, were found Wednesday by a resident in the area. The waste material was identified by the Environmental Health Department, which ran tests Thursday.

Deputy Health Director Ken Arnold said the department doesn't believe any of the barrels' contents leaked out.

"Because of the integrity of the drums, we don't believe they became unsealed," he said.

The chemicals are believed to be acetone and a caustic solution, chemicals that are very toxic and highly flammable, Arnold said.

One drum was described as black plastic, while the second drum is black metal with a red center band.

The reward is being offered by Secret Witness. People with information should call the Carson City Sheriff's Department at 887-2020, ext. 1405.

Saylo said many of the leads that result in methamphetamine lab busts come from phone calls from residents.

"What we need is people who smell the chemical odor to give us a call and we will go out and investigate," he said.

Because strong solvents are used in the process of methamphetamine production, an odor often permeates from the location of the laboratory. In cases where poor ventilation is used, a mix of airborne solvents can ignite, resulting in an explosion or fire. Methamphetamine cleanup crews wear safety gear and breathing apparatus.

Who to call:

Carson City Sheriff's Department at 887-2020, ext. 1405.


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