Rush to judgment?

The fatal motorcycle accident at Mark Twain on Sunday has some Silver Springs residents in an uproar. And it would seem from the information that has come out of the accident thus far, they may be justified.

Eyewitness reports say a biker other than Steve Henry caused the collision in which two people died, yet the authorities have charged Henry with two counts of drunken driving resulting in death.

According to Rocky Dixon, Henry was the last bike to go down in the tragic wreck. And on Sunday, Joe Benitez, whose wife, Katherine, died on the scene, said Henry was unable to avoid the debris.

At first word of the incident, no one was pointing any fingers. As is often the case, whenever something is initially reported the facts are a little muddy. Since then, numerous calls and interviews contend that Henry is innocent of the crimes with which he is charged. At the least, they are sure Henry did not cause the accident.

The authorities must have their own reason for charging Henry with the deaths. Yet, we as a community do not know what information they have that would draw that conclusion. Was this a rush to judgment because authorities believe Henry was under the influence of alcohol? Would further investigation reveal there may be another cause?

Whoever is to blame, the fact remains that two people are dead. And the information gathered to this point seems to indicate it could all have been avoided.


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