Schools need more music for students

Our schools need more music. The music program is very important. A man named John O'Neil has written an article about the music program. It told me that music is important to the brains of young students like myself, Jon Cornutt.

Here at Jacks Valley Elementary School we have a wonderful music program with a wonderful music teacher, Jackie Maye, except that it only goes on for half of a year instead of all year. Ms. Maye loves music. She makes it funny too. She has been in the paper before because she was protesting for students. She has made music one of my favorite specials.

In the article I learned that music stimulates the brain making your memory skill better. So in a way, you could say it helps you in math or other skills. So people, please write a congressman, mayor, or a school board member saying we want more music in Douglas County.


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