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I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the motorsports coverage your paper provides.

As a former stock car and sprint go-kart racer, and as a NASCAR fan, I really enjoy Roger Diez's column. Roger is a genuine, nice person and a great announcer. Thank you.

Robert Hebert, Carson City

Dayton needs to retain coaches better

I would like to congratulate Bruce Barnes for being chosen as the varsity basketball coach at Carson High School. Of the candidates for the job, I am only familiar with Ric Garcia. I am sure all of the candidates were well qualified for the job, and the selection committee made a good decision.

I know Ric Garcia from the Dayton High School basketball program. When Ric was hired, the Dayton program was the doormat of the division. I am not sure Ric knew what a monumental job he had before him, but he came from Carson every day and built a great program in a few short years, taking the boys to state in 1999.

Coach Garcia is a real class act who showed the Dayton students and fans, as well as the entire 3A league, that Dayton Dust Devils are winners.

This year's record does not reflect the number of close games, and the fact that Dayton has become a force to be reckoned with in the division. I am sure everyone in Dayton will miss Ric.

Although the Dayton High School girls teams have consistently been competitive, the same can't be said for the boys program. What is going on with the Lyon County and Dayton High School administrators that they can't or won't keep good coaches?

When will they wake up and re-hire Randy Jones as varsity football coach? Randy has proven he can build a winner, evidenced by his success with the Pop Warner program in Dayton. Randy is another class act the kids and fans respect, and he is a true believer in Dayton Pride.

Best of luck to Bruce, Ric and Randy.



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