Steroid investigation ends quietly.

No additional arrests are expected in an investigation into alleged steroid use by athletes at Carson High School.

After interviews with students, many of whom were involved in athletics at the school, Chief Deputy Scott Burau said investigators are close to a conclusion.

"We view this as a serious situation," Burau said. "But after interviewing a large group of students, we don't think there will be any more arrests."

School officials have been quiet about the investigation, saying it's in the hands of the sheriff's department.

The investigation started after the Feb. 29 arrest of 18-year-old Andrew Maier on steroid and drug paraphernalia charges. Maier, a member of the football team, was sidelined last season by multiple concussions. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing June 7.

His attorney appeared in court Monday to schedule the hearing.

Investigators were tipped off to his alleged drug possession by an anonymous source, Burau said. Maier was released on $2,500 shortly after his arrest.

The issue into the alleged use of the performance-enhancing drug has still not been addressed by the Carson School Board.

Board President Jean Kvam said the board cannot even bring up the issue in open meetings until the sheriff's department says there has been a resolution. "As long as the investigation is going, we can't comment on anything," she said.

Burau said the investigation is expected to be concluded by the end of the week.


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