Working together made prom better

It was most enjoyable to read the Carson High Senior Prom article, as it depicted the true spirit of a Senior Prom that should be as such in any high school. The end results prove that working within the guidelines and using the system really can produce a plausable solution for the needs and good of all.

I was, however, surprised to see that the background checks produced five people with criminal records. It is a good thing that these precautions were taken.

This effort between students, school administrators and other county governing agencies made for a very successful and apparently exciting prom. I don't see this as a singular victory for any one individual. I see it as a victory for our entire community. It shows how much everyone really cares.

How about some applause for the Board of Trustees and especially for the Sheriff's Department for their extra effort in making this come together so that all concerns and desires were adequately satisfied.

Congratulations to the "Class of 2000". It is a fact your community and school care and have given you something worthwhile to carry in your memory file once you move on.


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