Make July 4

Be advised that with all types of activities to attract people to the outdoors, you can expect anywhere you go to be crowded.

Those holiday crowds will be enjoying a multitude of activities such as camping, hiking, picnicking, swimming, fishing, biking, boating, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, four-wheeling, etc.

No matter where you go or what you do on the Fourth of July, remember these three, very important points:

1. Please do not drive and drive. If you have to drink, then save the drinking for when you get to your destination.

Make it a happy and safe holiday for everyone.

Don't ruin it for yourself and anyone else with a DUI.

2. Please be extremely careful with matches, cigarettes and camp fires.

This country is tinder dry.

It will only require one moment of carelessness for a major fire to erupt.

Don't be that careless individual who ruins it for everyone else.

3. Finally and most importantly, go out and have fun.

It's your Great Outdoors. Enjoy it!

Have a happy Fourth of July.


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