Lyon County officials consider 4,800 new homes

DAYTON -- Construction of 4,800 new homes hinges on approval of 21 master plan amendment requests expected to be considered Tuesday by the Lyon County Planning Commission.

The requests come less than a week after Lyon County commissioners approved the newly revised West Central Lyon County Land Use Master Plan.

Landmark Homes developer Jim Bawden is proposing the 2,300-acre venture under the name of Chase Development. It will be located on the north side of Highway 50 east of Dayton, extending from the Rose Peak/Sutro area to Six-Mile Canyon road in Mark Twain.

Included in the requested changes are 500 acres of open space, 228 acres of commercial and 43 acres of industrial property.

The 4,800 homes would be built on approximately 1,500 acres, offering 490 acres of low density, or large-family housing, 657 acres of medium density, or smaller houses, and 358 acres of high-density, which usually means condominiums or apartments.

The Dayton Regional Advisory Council on Wednesday recommended approval of the proposal, with member Richard Foley casting the lone dissenting vote.

Foley was not against the overall concept, but said he had not had enough time to study it in full.

"Something of this scope needs a comprehensive review," Foley said after the meeting. "Their presentation was very good; however, I could use two or three weeks reviewing it. I do not have enough knowledge at this time to ask any questions.

"I urge the planning commission to look at this in depth before taking any action."

With new housing comes the need for more water, sewer, school and road construction.

Dayton Utilities Manager Mark Clarkson said he is taking the proposed development in stride and, providing the homes are not built too fast, says he is prepared.

"The waste water will be tied into the new Rolling A treatment facility and we have already made the necessary tie-ins to the water system, so we are already ahead of the game," he said.

"(Jim Bawden) indicated they would build between 100 to 150 homes per year."

Clarkson said, "At that rate we would be able to stay ahead of the game. My only concern would be if things move faster then that."

County Engineer/Public Works Director Chuck Swanson is aware of the plans.

"I have been working well with them," Swanson said. "Roads are my greatest concern and they have produced a very good inter-development road design without coming onto Highway 50," he said.

From a personal perspective, however, Swanson said he agrees with those who would like to see more commercial development within the proposal. During the lengthy master plan revision process, the most frequently expressed concern was that heavy emphasis on residential development is leaving no room to build an adequate tax base to support the growing population needs.

According to information provided in the 21 requests, more than 600 acres of commercial/industrial property would be reduced to 270 acres if the plans are approved.


What: Lyon County Planning Commission

When: 9 a.m. Tuesday

Where: Lyon County Administration Building, 27 S. Main St., Yerington

Information: 577-5035


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