Lyon animal shelter supervisor stepping down

SILVER SPRINGS -- The resignation of the Lyon County Animal Shelter's supervisor is strictly about fish, he said Wednesday.

"I've been working since I was 13 years old," said Dan Rodgers, who will be handing over the reigns of the shelter June 6. "For 50 years I haven't missed a day and I'm ready to go fishing."

Rodgers, 63, denied a suggestion he is resigning amid bad publicity following the seizure of 16 Yorkshire terriers and miniature pinschers from Clara Jones in Silver Springs.

Jones appeared in court Wednesday and a trial date was set for July 15 on the three citations -- operating a business without a license, sanitation and harboring more than three dogs.

Jones supporters have said they believed Rodgers had ulterior motives when he issued the citations and confiscated the dogs. They also believe pressure from the community in reaction to the death of one of the dogs while in shelter custody has prompted Rodgers' decision to leave.

"I have been under no pressure to resign," he said. "None."

Rodgers has been supervising the shelter for two years and said during his tenure there he has seen improvements and achieved goals he never expected.

"I've been surprised at the response we've gotten to our adoption program. We've had people as far away as Utah and Washington drive here to adopt a pet they'd seen on the Internet," he said.

He's also seen a 30-fold increase in dog licensing.

"When I started here there were about 200 dogs with licenses in the county. Now there are 6,000."

He said his time with the shelter has been well spent.

"I'm not mad at anyone. I love the people here. My crew is probably the best crew I've ever had," he said. "They'll keep it together once I've gone."


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