Legislative medallion cast for lawmakers

As the Nevada Legislature negotiates budget cuts during the last few days of the session, another development involving the coin of the realm is in production.

A special legislative medallion to commemorate the 72nd session has been minted by the historic coin press at the former federal mint in the Nevada State Museum in the capital.

At the base are two sprigs of sagebrush, the state flower and a gold scroll bearing the state slogan Battle Born.

The legislative emblem was designed in 1967 by the senior government class of Tonopah High School. It features a ring of 17 stars representing the counties of Nevada. It also shows an ancient weapon which just happens to be the traditional symbol of legislatures, the mace.

An eagle perches atop the mace, superimposed over the state with a star marking the location of Carson City.

All Nevada legislative commemorative coins feature the Great Seal of the State of Nevada on one side. The seal was enacted by the 1864 Constitutional Convention and the design established by statute in 1866.

All such coins are minted on the historic Carson City Press No.1.

The 500 silver medallions are a numbered, limited edition; 400 bronze medallions are also available.

The silver medallions cost $25, the bronze medallions are $3.50.

"The obverse side of the coin contains the mint mark and the reverse bears the state seal." said Bob Nylen, curator of history. "Usually our standard on our issues from the mint we have our mint mark on the reverse side, but in this case there's no room so we put it on the front."


What: Legislative Medallion Event

When: Friday 10 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Where: Nevada State Museum


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