Gift store owner juggles job, family

Teri Basa owns the Sugar Pine Cove on South Carson Street. She is in her true element selling eclectic, decorative gift items.

Originally from Idaho, Basa, 38, came to Carson City 15 years ago - out of boredom - to visit her parents for two weeks. She never left.

"I was raised in the restaurant business in Idaho," Basa said. "It's ironic: I wanted to own a restaurant, I wanted to build my own restaurant, but it never happened.

"After coming to Carson City, I had a job the very next day, at the Carson Nugget. I was there for a while, then interviewed to work at the Cracker Box with Jerry Massad. I was there for eight years."

Basa said she owes a lot to Massad because she got her "start" at the Cracker Box on her Carson City life.

"Most of my friendships were established at the Cracker Box and the Nugget. That established my reputation and helped me when I opened my business."

The Sugar Pine Cove opened 31U2 years ago. It offers crafts, jewelry, holiday-related gifts, furniture, candles and more. The store is a priority in Basa's life, but her No. 1 focus is her family.

"My family comes first. Nothing will get in the way of that. Everything at the store moves around my family."

Basa has been married to Eric for five years. The pair met while she was waitressing at the Cracker Box. She said Eric was shy and quiet, and though he knew her name, she didn't know his for 10 years.

"I got to know him when I went to work at Villa Basque Deli," Basa said. "We got together in February and married in July."

Their children are Brandon, 4, and Erica, 2.

Basa enjoys the challenge of work and family, and balancing the two is an added challenge she loves. The family often visits relatives in Dayton.

"I love making people happy," Basa said. "Working and taking care of my family are doing just that. And having a great staff helps me be at home with my family. I am very family-oriented - we do things at home as a family."

Basa is preparing her store for the holidays.

"I really enjoy doing this, and this is a favorite time of year. You should see the store when it's done - this is so much fun."


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