Former sheriff pleads guilty to embezzlement

Former Lander County Sheriff Mike Kranovich pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges in Lander County District Court this week.

Kranovich was charged on several felony counts earlier this year. According to the Nevada Division of Investigations, he received $1,500 in checks to cover convention expenses but pocketed the money and used his county credit card to pay those expenses.

They said he also used his county credit card for personal expenses - buying airline tickets for trips to Hawaii and Dallas.

District Court Judge Norm Robison sentenced him to 36 months probation and ordered he repay Lander County some $700.

"With the overwhelming evidence we had that Kranovich committed these crimes, this is a fair resolution," said Chief Deputy Attorney General Conrad Hafen.

He said Kranovich has also been convicted in federal court for embezzling money from the Lander County Sheriff Department's Drug Fund.

The fund is used to pay for undercover drug operations.

His state sentence will run concurrently with the federal sentence.


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