Mysterious noise in Silver City still not explained

Law enforcement officials in Storey and Lyon counties still don't have an explanation for a loud explosion that roused many Silver City residents from bed around midnight Saturday.

Lyon County Sheriff Sid Smith said Monday that the explosion occurred in an area above Silver City called Devil's Gate, which is in Storey County. Silver City falls under the jurisdiction of Lyon.

"My understanding is that it was up at the water tower," he said. "It was nothing we got too heavily involved in."

Some residents said it sounded like dynamite, perhaps from an old mine, or maybe even a meteorite.

Calls flooded Lyon County dispatch to report the mysterious explosion.

"We didn't find anything," said Storey County Sheriff James Miller. "To the best of my knowledge, it was unfounded."

Storey County deputies went to the mines, but didn't see anything amiss. Miller said, to his knowledge, no damage was done to the water tank.


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