VISTA worker honored as outstanding volunteer

Local families who are in need of affordable health care and low-cost health insurance have found their champion in Katy Stolt.

Katy has served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer in the Carson City area for the past four years with Great Basin Primary Care Association's Health Advocate Program.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge Katy for her hard work and thank her for what she's done to help our community.

Great Basin Primary Care Association's AmeriCorps*VISTA Health Advocates bridge the gap between the uninsured and available health care resources. Like any volunteer program, there is little compensation for the tremendous work that VISTA members do.

However, their contributions are worth the world to those in need. And Katy has given the world to many of those she's helped. Katy is bilingual in English and Spanish so her talents have been well used to assist families with their health care needs.

Katy has one other special gift: She is legally blind. This does not slow down Katy one bit.

Not on your life.

Katy has an intense vision which gives her purpose and her outlook on life. Katy has worked diligently to sign children and families on to Nevada Check Up, Medicaid and Senior RX.

Katy is enthusiastic about the work she does and is willing to assist anyone with their applications. Katy has been helping others for so long that she is a wonderful resource for those in need.

She also assists people who are Medicaid eligible to use Logistic Care Program, Carson City Transportation or RSVP. Katy reminds her clients that reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of medical appointments.

SSI, Social Security, dental, Medicaid for the aged, resources and referrals and children with special needs are all a part of Katy's specialty.

In 2003, Katy's assistance and enduring compassion for others helped a mother's premature infant get health care. Katy's intervention literally helped save the infant's life. Quality of life and helping others to live a healthy life is what Katy is all about.

Katy's newest venture will be working with the Nevada WISEWOMAN Partner Program. Katy will be recruiting volunteers interested in women's health, ages 40 to 65, and will encourage them to be trained in the "New Leaf" version of the WISEWOMAN program.

This program focuses on improving the lifestyles of women by making small changes in their diet and exercise. There is no cost for the training.

If you have an interested in the area of women's health or if you know someone who needs access to health care, call Katy at Nevada Hispanic Services, 885-1055 on Tuesdays or Thursday, or at FISH, 882-8448, Wednesdays and Fridays.

As I arrived at Hispanic Services in Carson City to visit with Katy one day, she was explaining the Nevada Check Up Application to a man who was in desperate need of health care for his children. When the man was leaving. he had renewed hope and a smile on his face.

We have been privileged and honored to both know and work with Katy Stolt over the last four years and look forward to her fifth year of service.


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