Carson City plans to facilitate apartment condo conversions

When it comes to the trend of converting existing properties to condos, Carson City doesn't have an ordinance covering conversion, says Walter Sullivan, director of the Carson City planning and community development department.

But inquiries began earlier this year from developers wanting to convert newer apartment complexes to condos.

In response, the planning department is writing an ordinance to present to the planning commission within two months.

"We will work with the building, utilities and fire departments," Sullivan says.

Joe McCarthy, economic development and redevelopment manager for Carson City, says the city would like to follow the trend that's developed in Reno and elsewhere in the nation.

"Carson City is consistent with other communities looking to mix residential and commercial downtown.

It results in a broader mix of services.

Providing residential opportunities is the tried and true way to revitalize," he says."The catalyst is the development of Carson Street downtown.

Stewart Street, being adjacent,will benefit."

In fact, he says, the property from the Carson Mall north to the state capitol offers prime condo property.

Extended-stay motels on Carson and Stewart streets could also go condo, says McCarthy, because with the national lodging chains coming into the marketplace, the smaller motels will find it hard to compete.


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