Airport board makes deal with Incline Village millionaire

An Incline Village millionaire will buy 1.3 acres near the airport for $362,855 and then swap it with the Carson City Airport Authority for a 50-year lease on the land.

Steve Tackes, legal counsel for the authority, said Monday it is a beneficial deal for all three. Businessman Tom Gonzales will receive 50 years of free rent, the authority will secure more land around the airport, and seller Sheldon Land Development will get the appraised value.

"This we see as a definite good thing because it allows the airport to acquire some land that we had slated for acquisition without having to put up the money," said Tackes.

He said Gonzales plans to develop the land off the end of the primary runway, west of Goni Road, into hangars for his airplanes. Gonzales is a principle member of TG Investments LLC.

The Carson City Board of Supervisors is expected to discuss the deal at its Sept. 1 meeting. The airport authority approved the plan Aug. 17.

Gonzales could not be reached for comment. Tackes said the value of the lease pre-paid today for 50 years would be $294,736.

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