Dayton Events Center arena fees go up

It's going to cost a bit more this year to hold an event at the Dayton Valley Events Center.

The Lyon County Commissioners have approved a new rental agreement with the Dayton Events Center Board, calling for fees for the use of the arena in the $200 neighborhood.

The rate is for the first six hours; additional hours cost $60 each.

Use of the water truck, tractor and concession stand is $50 per day for each.

According to the agreement, the amount is nonrefundable unless the event is canceled at least a week in advance.

"We're trying to get our fees in line with other similar operations," said Lou Murry of the Dayton Events Center Advisory Board. "We're trying to get the facility to be self-sustaining, as opposed to requiring subsidies to operate."

Previously, anyone wanting to use the events center, on Schaad Lane in Dayton, paid a $50 fee and various fees for use of equipment, then had to pay the wages for the attendant or mechanic, according to Murry.

"We didn't always take into account extra hours (for the staffer)," said Murry. "We're trying to get it into a more predictable, forecastable business arrangement."

Murry said the board has put in many improvements, including new fencing and an improved water supply.

Jannette Hoffert, Central Lyon County Parks and Recreation director and a member of the advisory board, said during the season, the center is used quite a bit.

"Depending on the weather, normally they have something going on at least three weekends a month," she said. "And people use it a lot for practice, such as people with horses practice barrel racing."

Hoffert says she expects the events center to be used a lot more in the future, especially after the installation of restrooms and a planned pavilion.

"Once we get restrooms in there and a pavilion, I figure it's going to be used every weekend and sometimes during the week," she said.

Hoffert said the restrooms are being designed, and although there's no money allotted for it yet, the pavilion is in the events center's master plan.

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