Carson Valley secondary schools start Monday

It's time for Douglas County middle and high school students to put away the sunscreen, sharpen their pencils and shake the dust off their backpacks.

The bells at Douglas High School, Carson Valley Middle School and Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School will ring clear Monday marking the first day of school.

While students are getting ready for the new year, teachers at Carson Valley are also finishing up the last of their preparations.

Drawing, painting and pottery teacher K.C. Brennan said she's ready to start her vamped-up art program this year.

"We're starting a really exciting curriculum this year," Brennan said. "So students will be on their toes constantly."

In her 25th year teaching students from all over the country, Brennan will show her eighth- and ninth-graders a mixture of art, geography, culture and history. Each quarter she will focus the projects on different cultures of the world, including Africa, Alaska, China and Japan.

"I wanted to tie in Chinese New Year," she said.

Brennan also has plans with seventh-grade art teacher Carol Medeghini to host a week-long art show next spring in the school's gym, featuring students' multimedia art, poetry, music and dancing.

"We're trying to get everyone from the community," Brennan said. "I'm hoping it'll be more multicultural."

She said with this being her third year at the Gardnerville middle school, she feels more confident.

"I feel more into it," Brennan said. "I'm really excited this year."

A veteran teaching at the middle school but new to eighth grade U.S. history is Wendy Perra. Perra has been at the middle school for 22 years, and she's taking on the new subject rather than her usual English and reading classes.

"I'm really looking forward to it," said Perra, who also teaches seventh grade geography. "I like to change around. I like to keep it fresh. If I'm not having fun, then most likely the kids aren't having fun."

Perra said she is excited to meet her new seventh-graders and work with the new administration, Principal Nancy Evans, Vice Principal Robert Been and Vice Principal Keith Lewis.


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