Calls keep NHP troopers dashing through the snow

A flurry of calls to Nevada Highway Patrol last weekend kept troopers busy helping stranded motorists in the wintry weather.

Trooper Chuck Allen, NHP public relations coordinator, reported that troopers responded to 384 calls for assists or spun-out vehicles from noon Friday to midnight Sunday.

"That's a very high number," he said. "Some of that number may be duplicated calls, but that's how many calls were made into the dispatch center regarding spin-outs in general or stranded motorists."

NHP received 21 calls about accidents causing injuries. But no one was killed.

"I would attribute that to two things," Allen said. "With the weather conditions being what they were, speed wasn't an issue this weekend - meaning the less speed involved in an accident, the less severe the accident."

Also, he said, the slippery roads meant vehicles deflected off other objects more quickly, absorbing less of the impact.

"I think, too, a lot of people just stayed off the highways."

NHP handled calls as they came in. Serious reports were given priority.

"It was nonstop, call-to-call all night New Year's Eve and even on graveyard (shift)," he said.

Troopers from the commercial enforcement section of NHP, in Las Vegas, who were inspecting buses and motor vehicles for the holiday were gone all week.

"As far as New Year's went, in general we were fine," Allen said. "With the storm coupled in there, it created a lot of work on the shifts."

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