Key figure in Resendiz beating death up for parole next month

A key figure in the killing of Sammy Resendiz is scheduled for a parole hearing in December.

Lew Dutchy, 32, was scheduled for a hearing in September but that was postponed.

He is one of just three of the 12 originally charged who is still in prison.

The others are Rocky Boice, 26, and Jaron Malone, 24. Boice is the only defendant who went to trial. After Boice was convicted of second-degree murder, Malone, Dutchy and seven others entered pleas to battery with a deadly weapon and received five-year sentences.

Dutchy is currently housed at Northern Nevada Correctional Center while Malone is in Southern Desert Correctional Center near Las Vegas. Even if denied parole, they will both complete their sentences next year.

Boice is in the Carlin Conservation Camp serving the first of two 20 year sentences.

The defendants, labeled as members of an American Indian gang by Carson City sheriff's deputies, were charged with breaking into a room at the Roundhouse Motel on North Carson Street looking for revenge on a rival gang.

They beat Resendiz, 25, to death with pipes, bats and clubs. His friend Carlos Lainez was seriously injured in the Aug. 23, 1998, attack.

Boice and Dutchy were identified by witnesses during Boice's trial as two who led the attack. Witnesses said Jessica Evans, 27, prompted the attack because of her treatment by the alleged gang members who were using the motel room for a party.

The other defendants in the case are Julian Contreras, Clint Malone, Frederick Fred, Jessica Evans, Elvin Fred, Sylvia Fred and Michael Kizer. All received five-year sentences for their part in the crime.

Two of the original defendants, Alejandro Avila and David Moyle, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit battery with a deadly weapon.

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