What is the Virginia & Truckee Railway?

The V&T will run from Carson City to Virginia City. A $420,000 locomotive will steam on the reconstructed tracks. The railway joins the V&T Railroad in Gold Hill. The railroad is a tourist track operated by Bob Gray between Gold Hill and Virginia City since 1976.

Phase 1: The last spike for 1.4 mile of tracks stretching from American Flat, across the Overman Pit to the Gold Hill Depot, was pounded in Sept. 9. The depot is where Gray's 1.8-mile line begins.

Phase 2 is 9.3 miles from American Flat, south through Lyon County, across Highway 50 East.

Phase 3 takes the track along the Carson River to east Carson City. The commission is in the process of picking a depot site at the end of the line. So far, the board favors 20 acres on Drako Way south of Highway 50. The 17 miles to Gold Hill should be completed by 2009.

Economic benefit

Tourism and government officials say the railway will bring a $40 million economic boost during the construction phase, and $18 million annually after the railway is completed, which is $8 million in nongaming revenue and $10 million in gaming revenue.

In all, the project will cost about $30 million. So far about $10 million has been spent planning it.


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